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MrDub PolyFleece


We are proud to offer our first own brand conversion product, Recycled polyester insulation fleece, made from recycled plastic bottles ideal for the insulation in your campervan.


Measurements per roll:

10 Metres Long

39cm wide

50mm Thick

3.9sqm Coverage


At 50mm thick its the ideal size to fit into walls, door panels and roof lining of your van, used after a base layer of Closed cell foam lining it makes an effective insualtion package.


Installation is extremely easy, the lining can be cut or torn and simply placed into most spaces and a quick spray of trimfix glue for areas where it needs a bit of support.


PolyFleece contains no harmful chemicals or binders and is completely safe to handle.  Converting plastic bottles into insulation helps divert many tonnes of waste plastic from landfill or incineration helping protect our environment.


Product Comparison

Pleas note, a lot of people are comparing this item to the option from B&Q which is nearly half the lengh of this insulation at 6m compared to 10m PolyFleece it's also too thick for most panels. Comparitvely PolyFleece is cheaper per m2 of coverage especially so when you factor in shipping costs if you require delivery.

A roll of Diall insulation is £24.60 delivered meaning it works out at £1.15 per metre more!



• Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 Wm-1K-1

• Water Absorption (@100% RH): 0% w/w

• Specific Heat Capacity: 1000 Jkg-1K-1

• Vapour Resistivity: 5 MN·s·g–1m–1

• Flammability to BS 5803-4: Pass

• Smoulder resistance to BS 5803-4: Pass

• Fire Classification: EuroClass E

• EN11925-2 Reaction to Fire: Pass

• Smoulder resistance to BS 5803-4: Pass

• GWP (A1-A3) total:  0.99 kgCO2e for R1

• Recoverability and thickness, EN 823: Pass

• Dimensional stability to EN 1604: Pass

• Can be used to achieve airborne sound reduction of Rw = 40dB.

• Manufactured to ISO 9001 & 14001


R-Values Thickness mm (tolerance +/- 5mm) Thermal Resistance Km2W 50mm 1.25

PolyFleece Insulation 3.9sqm

VAT Included |
  • Next day shipping with tracking included free of charge.

  •  Free next day shipping included with this product including tracking

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